Trym: En kalldusch för Kristen anarkism?

Kristen anarkism, en millenär och puritanistisk rörelse som inte åstadkommit något. Joseph G. Stackhouse sågar tanketraditionen i Geez Magazine. Stackhouse har en god bild av det material som utgör mycket av den kristna anarkistiska tanketraditionen. Detta på grund av att han själv attraherades av tankegodset och samhällskritiken:

”Jesus, I clearly saw (and clear-sightedness is one of the benefits of this point of view), collaborated with no institution and endorsed no regime. His gospel was a message of creative freedom, individual dignity and mutual responsibility and care. He and his disciples enjoyed tramping about the countryside, living on the margins, engaging people as they found them, giving to each according to his or her need. Small was, indeed, beautiful.

So why in the world wouldn’t we do the same?”

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